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Digital Books for Digital Kids: Created by Kids for Kids

Session Description
Your students can become published authors with enhanced ePubs as they upload and share their creations with the digital world through our collaborative wiki.

Theme and Strand
Digital-Age Teaching & Learning:Technology Integration

ePub, iPads, wiki, iTouch, iPod, differentiated instruction, Pages, Glogster

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Technology Coordinators/Facilitators

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Standards for Literacy
Reading (K–5)

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Reading (K–5)

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Purpose & Objectives
Learn how you and your students can become published authors by creating enhanced ePubs. Participants will have hands on experience creating ePubs, using Pages, that contain embedded videos, hyperlinks and are optimized for use in the iBooks App for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.
They will also explore how to use ePubBud to create and share ePubs with just a few simple clicks.
Participants will explore a wiki filled with student created ePubs that can be downloaded for use on the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Nook and Sony Readers.
Links to handouts and video tutorials will posted on the wiki, so participants will have technical support as they delve into the world of ePubs.

Participants in the model classroom and the audience will spend the first 10 minutes learning about the power of ePubs and exploring the main sections of Digital Books for Digital Kids wiki.
After the overview, the presenters will spend 15 minutes and will have the model classroom participants set up an account in ePubBud and begin creating their first ePub using photos and videos provided on the wiki.The audience presenter will walk the observers through the steps of setting up an account and showing ePub features and tutorials available for ePubBud. They will also preview and browse samples of ePubs from the digital book shelf.
During the next 25 minutes the model classroom participants will learn how to embed a video, picture and hyperlinks into Pages. The project can then be exported as an ePub for viewing on the iPad and iTouch.During this same 25 minute time period the audience will explore the ePub books on the wiki that were created by students. They will learn how to download the books and learn the steps of how to sync them to their devices.
During the last 10 minutes the student participants will post questions, reflections, and give feedback on a Google Docs form on the wiki. The audience will have time to view videos of the project posted on the wiki, ask questions and give feedback.

Supporting Research
Elizabeth Castro's ePub
Straight to the Point
Playing with Media: Simple Ideas for Powerful Sharing by Wesley
LexCycle:Revolutions in Readinghttp:

Presenter Background
ISTE SIGMS Technology Innovation Award Winner 2011
McKinney ISD Teacher of the Year 2010
TCEA Library Media Specialist of the Year 2007
Discovery Education Network DEN Star and Texas Leadership Council
Glogster Ambassador
McKinney ISD Elementary Language Arts Coordinator

I presented a model classroom session last year at ISTE 2011 called Readilicious: Delicious Digital Reading Treats. I received outstanding evaluations on the presentation. We have a group of technology leaders from our district that are able to serve as table facilitators during the presentation. This provides immediate support to the participants at the tables and allows me to be able to keep the audience and the participants engaged and excited about the presentation.
Our district has implemented an iPad and iPod Touch initiative at our Title 1 campuses. All K-2 teachers have 6 iPads per classroom and each 3-4-5 grade student has an iPod Touch. We have provided staff development and training through our campus iTeams. These ePub projects are the student created projects from this initiative.